Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why Lies sometimes Good in Certain Situations?

All of us know about lies. Everyone make a lie even it is for the good or whether for a bad reason. Sometimes lies are good if you have to protect other people. Making a lie is not a perfect reason at all, but sometimes it may be for a good reason  for the eyes of other people.

Making a lie is a definitely taking risk  to alibi, but making lies can change everything. As far as I observed, one  of the most powerful words is making a lie.even this is a single word you can make a lie. But of course, making a lie can harm you or others people. You may also risk respect and trust when you will make a lie.

Anyone can lie for the sake of other people. Sometimes you are making lie just to save everything that is important in your life. And since making lies help them for good, sometimes it will go through worst things to anyone. As a results, your friends, family or loved ones may forget you.

Apparently, lieying is a part of a human behavior. in fact, it is the act of doing whether can go through a benefit in a circle of humanity. On the other hands, lie is also a creation of words that only a mind can express what is real or not real. Lies have lots of purpose to us, a simple construction of a lie may be useful in certain situation. Yet many of us are always believing in lies rather than a true and fact one.

If lies do not exist, life become clueless and without lies there is no more question to answer. Because lie is the biggest question in the world,believe it or not but yet it is true.

It is not a good suggestion but always be cautious to do lies wisely and easily, if your not good enough to do lies much better to say the truth.

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  1. Is lying tantamount to cheating?