Thursday, June 14, 2012

Poracay Resort, An Unforgettable Summer Escapades

While having my long drive along Pampanga, me and my friends discovered a very nice place to hang out and spend our summer vacation, although its late already. This beautiful place that I am referring was located in Porac, Pampanga and this resort is the PORACAY.

A paradise in the middle of dusty road is a resort they called PORACAY. A very beautiful resort, where at at the start you can't expect that you can find a place like a paradise. As I go with my driving along the way leading to the PORACAY, I started to doubt if we are really going to a resort or not. But  as we get through to the resort, we were all amazed of the beauty of the place. Now I started to appreciate the place now.

Apparently, Poracay is one of the best place for relax and enjoying the beauty of the nature,  Inside the resort, some fun activities and nice facilities are available for you to enjoy the whole day of stay. They have the zip line, boating in a lagoon (maybe like in Burnham Park in Baguio City) for all class of their guests. It was such a perfect place for unwinding and relaxing.

The Poracay is a place to discover. It is not as popular as other resort in the Philippines. But if you will try to discover the place, you will find something in that place, a place that will satisfy your time of spending, your budgeted money and your aim of relaxing and enjoying the rest of your summer plans and activities.

Poracay is an advisable resort to visit. It is a certified escapade in Pampanga. Visit it now!

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