Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Journey Beyond Travel

A journey beyond travel
Lancer G. Lagdameo

Why there's journey beyond travel has been a constant mystery to many people. But they are always asking their selves what is beyond of all this travels and soon can be found. People who travel have wide horizon. Their perspectives are not myopic. They see far beyond what the eyes can see. As an old adage would say, there is more than meets the eye.

When one travels, it is not the destination that matters most but the journey itself. Many are so gangho in getting to their destination that they fail to appreciate the beauty of the journey itself. One is able to discover his own idiosyncracies, preferences, aspirations, dreams when he pays attention to the lessons that can be drawn from the experience.

Traveling allows us to discover the world, the off-beaten path, the road less travelled. Though few have mustered enough courage to discover the unkown, the unexplored zone, the reward for taking risks is worth the effort.

A journey beyond travel is about discovering old things that have gone unnoticed by those who settle for the ordinary. These old things have been lying there unobtrusively but no one cares to give an eye. They appear so ordinary that they blend well with the humdrum routine of our daily life.

It doesn't really take one to lift a finger to discover these things. All one needs to do is to look inside and introspect. Be constantly aware that opportunities present itself to those that are searching for it, for those whose minds are open to all kinds of possibilities. Be aware that the journey is beyond physical location or mobility but it is all how our mind can travel faster than we could ever thought.


  1. Travelling is my cup of tea and I love to travel around the world. I think we have the same like. Travelling gave us relaxing feelings and inspiration to live a quality life.

  2. traveling allows me to put flesh into the stories I've heard from those who have gone places. The things that I normally read in books become reality whenever I get to travel. Keep on writing about your travels dude and take us to those place...

  3. I love thy article about travelling. Keep it up for good articles.

  4. napadaan lang and im a new follower :) travel lang ng travel.