Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Miami Shall Win Over Celtics in NBA Playoffs

In game 4 of NBA Playoffs semifinals, last June 4, 2012, Boston Celtics won by 2 points lead over Miami Heat last night gaining an ending score of score of 91-93 in favor of Celtics. Apparently, during the 4th quarter Celtics and Miami tied up twice by 74-74 in 8:48 and 76-76 of 7:45 remaining time of the game.

Meanwhile Ray Allen take a shot from a distance to bring back the lead by three followed by Garnet of inbound play. Furthermore, a back to back call of referee for both team of charging foul, specially Kevin Garnet calling for a traveling violation during the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter.

Lebron James and Paul Pierce gained a 5 fouls during the critical period. Yet both of them fouled out in the game. Mario Chalmers, on the other hands, takes risk to make a daring drive and cut the line of Miami`s defense  to make a 2-points for the Celtics. During the last 21.1 seconds of the quarter, the referee called an offensive foul to Garnet giving the Miami a ball possession during the last quarter end resulting to an overtime finals.

In the overtime round, Paul Pierce and Lebron James both fouled out in the game, Rondo of Celtics take the chance to attack the Miami with Garnet to take them in the standing of 2-2 in  Eastern Conference semifinals. In the end of the overtime finals Rajon Rondo was declared as the player of the game.

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