Sunday, June 10, 2012

Timothy Bradley Unexpectedly Destroyed Manny Pacquiao

A glorious and unexpected fight happened at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Nevada this night of June 10,2012 at the fight between Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley ended up by split decision in favor of Bradley. Critics and fans of both fighters have given their views of a rematch for the said fight resulting to a 115-113 score in the whole 12 rounds of the match.

Bradley's win is a perfect example of a boxing history that has to end for Pacquiao's career. It will always happen in boxing career that your not always on the top. The ring will always implied that a champion will have its challenger and a challenger has to defeat the champion.

Many Filipinos have question how loosing the fight for Pacquiao happened? Apparently, the Peoples Champ undeniably defeated by timothy Bradley. As per the much awaited fight in MGM Grand Arena, Bradley win by his speed strength, punches he throw to Manny Pacquiao even though Bradley was slightly to be knocked out in the 5th round of the match.

Every punches they throw  with each other have got a speed and strength, an unpredictable punches we never expected from Pacquiao's opponent. And yet Manny Pacquiao gave his best to win the fight. Both boxer played a counter attack strategy in all round, speed are same and they've got both strength and agility to win in the match. Some still cannot conclude if Bradley win the fight or it is for Pacquiao.

During the 12 rounds of the match, no one of this two fighters fall, but there should be a winner to be proclaimed. Who will push to the limit and who must be crowned as the WBC Welterweight champion of the year? These two fighters achieved their good fight at all. Despite their hard training, diet to pass the weigh in and strength to become ready in their fight, still one fighter must emerged as a champion.

And this is absolutely true, at the end of the match, Timothy Bradley was proclaimed as a new Welterweight champion by defeating Manny Pacquiao in a split decision. A great fight for this year and a possible rematch to happened. And because of the split decision, we all want a much clear win of whom this two fighter is the real winner. Not only in the split decision, for the mean time we shall wait for a possible rematch schedule.

Furthermore, a huge congratulation and a standing ovation was given to Timothy Bradley by his fans. This will truly be an unexpected fight. A fight which many Filipino not expecting at all to happen. A fight where Peoples Champ defeat by  Timothy Bradley. And as the official results implied, Timothy Bradley won the Fight and he is the new Welterweight Champion.



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  2. Boxing fans were so disappointed about the result of this fight. Manny obviously deserves to win against Bradley. Some people says that there something wrong the way they judged the fight. I think there was a cheating incident during that time.

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