Thursday, June 7, 2012

Poor Old Man Wish to Stop the Rain

Every time I see rain on the street, it is like a silence in the dark. Water drop from the rain are the only sound you can hear, this means a sound of silence, and Im speaking of being alone with a sympathy on nature.

And when the rain start to cry we always feel to sleep in bed, it is like we are in the watershed of river. Some people want to play in the rain others are in their balcony watching the rain with their coffee on hand. The rain is one of the cycle of earth as we all know, biggest part of earth is water and what we are drinking is 1% of this water.

Rain can express the sadness and sorrow of anyone,as you watch the rain drops fall into deep it speak for you, it make you to relax while watching it. Every time I watch the falling rain I ask myself, what if I cry like heavy rain? Maybe the whole world know that i am crying, but i am not the heaven or the rain.

As it continue to drop on the ground I ask myself again, how about a poor old man who`s sleeping in the street, He does not has a shelter to cover himself in the rain? Can sleep safe or just wish to stop the rain?

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