Saturday, June 30, 2012

Simple Thing vs Expensive One

Everyone has the most precious thing in life. Like to those who have a simple one yet can make them happy. Sometimes a simple thing is more precious than an expensive one, but it is not all about simple or expensive. it is all about what you have and how you keep it as a precious one and became sentimental for you.

But in our lives more of us are not happy with a simple thing, wanting more sometimes will make us happy.   You cannot get what you want if you are not starting to be happy with a simple thing. Because from a simple thing it may become an expensive one.

That is the what will happen if you will be happy in a simple thing rather than the expensive one, it is not be possible because it always happen in life. Many of us doesn't notice it because they have an expensive thing to precious. But why those who are in the top of fame are the one who are happy with a simple thing.

And others who doesn't have enough  got the expensive thing. We all don't know what people want to achieve in life, weather an expensive thing or a simple thing. It is a reality, a light of chasing thing you wanted to have on you.

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