Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just As Curious

Curiosity is a part of anyone who think what is all about that or what will come when I do this. Everyone always have a curious mind of own self, sometimes it is for the better and maybe it for the worst, because if you are curios for what you are thinking in any matter, you will know what is instored there?

What if i will try it? What if I can do it? or even thinking if it can harm you or not, but sometimes even you are a curious person with somebody or in any situation you will only curious but you wont do it for just knowing it by your self. Curiosity is one of the biggest attitude of a person who always wants to know everything behinds a certain thing or object.

And lots of this people who really believe that they can know about what will happen, they are not afraid for the result out of curiosity. As they say "curiosity kills the cat" it not like curiosity will kill you, but it is a warning in making a decision.

Make it sure that it will make you safe or in good side, because when your not sure with your decision your curiosity will become your problem, that is a sample of curiosity you can create from your own mind, and for what do you want to do for being curious.

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