Saturday, June 30, 2012

Moving on will Set You Free

Moving on is one part of your life that is very challenging and painful. You learned how to love, you learned how to care, you learned how to appreciate things. And in just a second, everything will change, you will then realize that you already lost your loved one.

But I guess, everything in this world is not permanent. Life is changing and we cannot predict what will happen in the future. We cannot assume when a certain relationship will last. We cannot foresee, what God wants us to be in the future, we cannot predict what are His plans for us.

Months of unforgettable memories and bonding time passed away. I maybe hypocrite if I will not miss all those happy days. Those where times that you are experiencing a different dimension in your life. A life that is full of happiness and enjoyment. A life that is full of contentment with your partner. A life that is full of challenges, care, loving and inspiration.

It is very hard to let go a person that you love most and to live your life alone. Well I guess, its life. What important is, you became good friends after an unforgettable relationship. We may not know the future, but destiny will tell you if you are really meant to be. He/she may go back with you, or both of you may totally moved on. That is life, the most important is you learned how to love, you learned how to be contented and you learned to care for someone.

Acceptance of the present is the best medicine for moving on and letting go the special person that you loved. The moral lesson from this story, try to give importance to the person that you love. Because you cannot predict when such happiness will last and when your relationship will last.

You are praying for an endless love but you cannot hold on the future. You are praying for a "forever" relationship, but still you cannot hold on what will happen in the future. Life is too short, just live life to the fullest, whether you are single or with partner because happiness will truly set you free.

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