Friday, June 8, 2012

Bring back the Past to Know How Wonderful to Live at Present

What is life when its empty? What will happen when you are alone and no one can hear you? Who will carry you in happiness?

In life  everyone think what will happen when you are sad or when you feel hatred of yourself. Other choose to be alone, others are looking for a company to lean on. But behind all of this, it wont heal the pain when your  not with your friends or you are thinking so much of what make you sad.

A life of a person is like a circle. Sometimes your in the bottom or in top. If you are in  the bottom of the circle you will know how to make advantage to move and think how to be in top of the circle. And if you are in the top of the circle your going to fall if you did a wrong move to stay on top. Because when you fall from the top to bottom , its hard for you to go back on the top.

Lots of experience we made and all of them serve as our mirror in life. But past is the best teacher in our mistake that we made in our life. On top of these, the best thing to know what is right and what must needed to to prove yourself to anyone who do not believe in your past life.

At the end of the day, you will find the answer if you go back to your past. Do not ignore it because you past will help you to bring yourself to your present journey in life.


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