Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Night Life that is so Sleepy

A night life is for all who wants to spend their time at streets, and in different places during night time. It is the best time especially for the students because night is the best time to have fun with friends and others that you want to be with. When they say its Friday night it is the night were they are wanted to have fun or let say they want to go to all gigs in any bars and parties.

But it is not that all, other night life is for the other workers in mid shift like those of working in a call center agent, lots of them are in their graveyard shift because their schedule to work for 8 hours is every night. Sometime they are not going to work but they have a time for socialization at night.

This is what we called leisure, we wants everything we have to do when the night comes. What are in stored for us during night time? Fun and enjoyment that`s  what we can take for it. A night with full of excitement make for some people so sleepy sometimes, but if your in a gigs or bars with your friends you cant feel any kind of being sleepy cause yo are enjoying it with them.

But when you are at work you with feel it because you want to go home as early as you can to have a rest in bed, unlike to those who wants fun at night. Because it will change your life style, the night becomes a day and the day becomes the night. 

It is a common for us if you experience it by your own, it is weird as they say, but it is not. Because more of us know it and always be energetic at night especially when Friday nights comes student call it "FRIDAY NIGHT GIMIK NIGHT" a  common word to all of us, because this is the last days of school every week. 

It is always possible this kind of routine of a human. It is a normal now unlike before, if you are still awake at night and your in the street, it will make you sleep for that night especially if your below 18 years old. 

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