Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Miami Heats Win Against Oklahoma Thunders 3-1 Standing

Miami Heat win by 6 points in game 4 and take one more lead by 3-1 standing. At the fourth quarter Lebron James had an injury with  his leg at the 8 minutes remaining and that's gave the Oklahoma Thunders a chance for them to have a 2 points lead at the fourth quarter final. But after a minute Lebron James come back to the game and take back the Miami Heats in the leading. Lebron James takes a 3 point play.

Then a drive from Chris Bosh,  the three star player of Miami Heats have a play to take another score for the standing of 3-1 in the game four of this Final. Oklahoma City Thunders are in their good  condition but when Lebron James take his moves, the defense of Oklahoma Thunders are useless for this guys.

But what will happen in the game 5 this coming Thursday, June 21, US time and Friday for Philippine Time. Who will take the game 5 for their standing. This  Final brings more excitement for all those fans and critics of the league.

Is it Oklahoma Thunders to win or the Miami Heat will take it again for their additional standing? Maybe Oklahoma will take it, because they need to survive and win this Final because when the Miami make it the Game 5, the Miami Heats shall be proclaimed as the NBA champion of this year 2012.

Is it the Team of Miami shall be the NBA champ or the Oklahoma will take the chance to survive the final? Who will become the NBA champion for this year? And who will become the MVP, is it Lebron James stay on the Top or Kevin Durant will be the new MVP for this year? Even Russell Westbrook  have the chance become the MVP, he had the good record for it.

Excitement and more more action will come in this GAME 5 NBA FINAL, who will be the Champion  and become the MVP? We all take a deep breath because this game are breath-taking moment for what this two teams and players show their effort and best play for the final.

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