Wednesday, June 20, 2012

London Olympics is Getting on

A much awaited sporting event has begun, all nations around the world are excited to watch this "the London Olympics". We all know that this event was started in  month of  May. From torch marathon to the present, all candidates or athletes are in their nations attire or costume for the parade before the much awaited sporting event this coming July.

We all know that all of them do not totally end in training but rather work out for said event this July, it is only the beginning of the event, and all of their hard works shall make them proud for whatever may be the result, who will make the top  and who will gain the fame in this event?

No one  of us have an idea who will make it on the top of this big event comes. Everyone of us are so excited and thinking for this much anticipated event. This sporting event is not like national NBA or Soccer, it is more than any Event that we all know?

It is an absolutely a package that what we call Olympics, it only come every four years. A spectacular event that we are waiting for is almost in our eyes to watch in television or in real. This make us a big pressure to witness our  favorite sports we must testified who is the best of them and who will bring pride for their country.