Thursday, June 21, 2012

Comedy King Dolphy is in Critical Condition now

The comedy king Dolphy Quizon has a critical condition, and he is at the Makati Medical City,  his whole family is around him to be at his side during his critical condition, but not only the family of Quizon will pray for him, Quizon needs our support. Every Filipino around the world are praying for his survival of illness. Dolphy was known for being the Comedy King of the Philippine Showbiz Industry.

Dolphy is person who became a good role model for every father and every Filipino, pray for the Comedy king of the showbiz industry, a good father, friend and a king of comedy, he now suffering fourth stage lets help him to fight for his family.

We all know about Dolphy Quizon, a simple man to make a joke for us, a comedian who takes the industry of showbiz on top. Like the past actor Dolphy Quizon is one of the famous man in our country. As a Filipino I ask to all of you help praying for the Comedy king Dolphy Quizon who is at the hospital right now.

if you are a Filipino pray for him, give a simple prayer for him and to his Family to pass this challenges in their life, especially to their father. Let us all pray for him and to his family, let us be one for the one who made a lot of movies, series and other activity for us to be happy, hope your sympathy for them.

For you Dolphy Quizon, get well soon.

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