Monday, June 18, 2012

Loving a Person is a Wonderful Feelings

Loving a person is such a wonderful feelings for an individual. This is the time when we feel that a certain person is important to us, that a certain person is so special to us, that we think of their future, that we are concern of their physical appearance in front of many people.

In short, you care when you love a person.

You sacrifice for yourself when you love a person, you humble yourself for the person you loved to know that he/she is special, you apologize when you commit mistakes with him/her. You enjoyed, you cherished every moment with him, you are happy when you are with him/her.

Sometimes loving a person might hurt your feelings, misunderstandings sometimes arises when both of you were being challenged of differences whether in attitude, feelings or emotions. And yet loving a person is the happiest feelings on earth.

When you love a person, sometimes you sacrificed for yourself, you are generous to help your loved ones, you are generous enough to share what you have.  When you love a person, you might sacrifice everything for his/her own improvement and needs.

And yet loving a person will teach you how to value yourself, will help you realize that sometimes, you also need to love yourself, you also need to set aside your differences, and you also need to forgive and forget.

At the end of the day, loving a person will help you to become humble. Its a wonderful feelings, and yet a hurting feelings too. But at the end of the day also, you will realize that its worth of loving a person. Life is so short so why not love one another in order for you to fully satisfied with your life and in order for you to realize that it is so wonderful to live on earth together with your loved ones.

Now can you tell me whats the feelings of being in-loved with someone?

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  1. If you you're in love with someone, that's a kind of feeling that no other words you can use to describe it. It's a mixture of different emotions hehe.
    thanks for sharing