Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Breakfast Boost Your Energy to Start the Day

Its nice to wake up early in the morning, with a cup of coffee beside you together with a loaf of bread. Most of us I guess want a heavy breakfast to start their day at work, business and lifestyle.

A heavy breakfast like fried egg or hotdog in the table will do and yes, this is just normal in the morning when we woke up. These breakfast meal will help us to boost our energy and to gain a good mood to start the day.

Eating food in the morning is very important to us since food will give us energy to start our duties and responsibilities for the day. What will happen to us when we do not eat food in the morning? It may cause bad things to us specially to our health. Sometimes it may cause us sleepy and look tired at work or classes because we do not eat our breakfast before leaving the house.

Eating breakfast is already a part of our everyday routine. A routine that will be followed by exercising, taking a bath and resting for a while. It is very common for many Filipino families to start the day with eating breakfast or drinking coffee in the morning. Some people, specially those student neglect to take breakfast before going to school or work.

And the effect of this at the end of the day, we were totally tired and want to sleep early and want to gain rest at bed.

Hence, a night is like a morning to some people specially for those who are working in a call center. Even student with night duties. So sleep well and wake up in time. Have a good morning breakfast to gain energy that we need to function well and to work well in our office and to think well for the student in their classes at school.


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