Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Forgiveness as a Sign of Peace

Forgiveness for me is the act of re-accepting oneself whether she/he delivers a mistakes or harm you whether intentionally or unintentionally. When you forgive a person,you are accepting his apologize and you are forgetting something that might harmed you from the past.

Nobody is perfect so everyone of us might commit mistakes in our life and daily activities. when you forgive someone, we can say that you love that person that you delivered your forgiveness. It is necessary for oneself to fully recognize the truthful asking of an individual who commit mistakes before forgiveness was given to him.

When you forgive a person, you forget the past, you move forward and you are letting your feelings ease the pain that you are carrying. If God forgive all the people, why each of one of us cannot forgive.

Sometimes there are people who don't know the word forgiveness. Their heart was thicken by the pain that they are suffering. There are people who cannot forgive even long time has past. and the result of this, a non-peaceful environment was present in themselves.

Why is it that people do not know the word forgiveness. in some cases, people who don`t how to forgive sometimes carry the pain permanently. It may took long time for them to let go the pain and to move forward. this will result to unhealthy living.

Each one of us must know how to forgive because when we know that is means that we are loving people around us, we are appreciating the beauty of life and the most important of this, we are attaining for a peaceful environment towards a peaceful life.Its a happy feelings I guess, people who doesn't have enemies are those who really know the beautiful meaning of life.

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