Thursday, June 21, 2012

Philippine Actress and TV Host Pia Guano is expecting her First Baby Girl

Soon to be celebrity mom and TV host  Pia Guanio is expecting a baby girl. She is now in seven months pregnant as was reported in 24 Oras on June 18, 2012.

Pia Guano shares her thoughts of being happy and excited of her first baby girl. They have just found out recently that her baby will be a baby girl. Upon knowing and also expecting for a baby girl, Pia said to her husband Stev a joke around that the baby and she will team up always against him.

Everyone was so excited with Pia’s baby girl. The TV host is so happy that her baby is doing very very well. Pia also replied that she is also ready to become a mom and she is so prepared to take good care of her first baby.

Pia Guano is a main stay TV host on noon time show in GMA 7 “Eat Bulaga”, during his maternity leave, her co-host will take place her duties. She will be scheduled to leave on August 11 until September 13. And still Pia and her husband is still looking for the name of their baby.

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