Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Fisherman Told me to Strive Hard and Reach Success in Life

Being a fisherman is not an easy job. Before, I was one of them. The job is very risk and not easy to do specially when you are in the heart of the sea. At the beginning of the day, you need to start packing all your important things needed in fishing, your food to eat during lunch and dinner. Then you go by the sea and wait for other companion whose job is also fishing.

Unlike the traditional fisherman in other part of the world who uses a fish hooks, in the Philippines, most of the Filipinos uses a huge nets to catch fishes in the ocean. Most of the Filipino fishermen also catch fish in groups just to sell and earn money. The sad part of it, most of the fisherman go back from the ocean with no fish to catch at all.

Being a fisherman for me before is a simple thing to do. It is quite a passion for me, because aside from earning money from your catch, it will added a big smile for you going back from the ocean and going to the market to sell all the fishes. But although sometimes, it will bring you sadness because of your effort to catch fish but no one comes to you, and you do not have any fish to take home for your family.

Its a big hope for all the fisherman out there, I know you have the same feeling with me. The hope of catching more fish to earn more money to support with your family and loved ones. We all know that the Philippine sea is abundance of many fish. There will come a time that you will be lucky to catch many fish, just stay calm and pray hard that the fish will come to you when you are in the ocean.

It was a memorable experience for me since once in my life I became a fisherman and I became one of them. This is such a nice experience that I will never forget. Because fishing taught me a lot in life. Fishing, on the other side teach me many experience and lessons in life.

Fishing teach me how to stand and be strong in the midst of all your problems in life. It is a job that teach me to value your craft and to save important things in life. And of course, fishing help me to support my family in times of needs and crisis.

Work hard and show more of your talent. Let yourself explore many things and all the things that you want to do in life. Its not as simple as that, but always do not loose hope. The more you experience challenges in life, the more you become strong and resourceful to look for better opportunity that will help you to live a well life and to achieve all your plans in the future. In short, let your dream help you to reach for your success in life.

That is what a fisherman told me when we are fishing in a cloudy morning.

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