Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thunders Win Against Heats in NBA Playoffs Finals Game 1

During the Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs finals, the Oklahoma City Thunders won against the Miami Heats with ending score of 105- 94  and took the lead of 1-0, Kevin Durant Hit marked a huge play with the Thunders to beat the Miami Heats in the first Game of the final.

Kevin Durant shows the City of Thunders a huge game for them in order to beat the team of Miami heats and take the Oklahoma City Thunders in the lead. Furthermore, Westbrook and Durant show more in this game, the Thunders do they Job in the court as what the people and their fans expected. 

In their home court you can hear the loudest voice of the fans shouting the "MVP! MVP!" but that is not Lebron James, as he was expected to be the MVP of the season, it is Kevin Durant. This game is  like the UTAH JAZZ versus CHICAGO BULLS  finals before. The scorer versus the MVP, the scorer defeat the MVP then the scorer become the MVP.

The game is in the hands of all the players who are inside the court. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook teamed up together to grab the 1st win. Their coach also did well to aim for their perfect game for the NBA Playoffs finals.

Durant and Westbrook finished an unexpected huge score for their team. The Oklahoma City of Thunders dominated the Miami, and make the pride of Oklahoma leading to the finals. What will happen on the next Game of this Final for the two great team?

Will Oklahoma City Thunders take it again? or will the Miami defeat the City of thunders? We shall see on the game 2 of the Final. Stay tuned for more update and the results of Game 2 on Thursday, June 14, 2012, US time, and Friday, June 15, 2012 for Philippine time. 

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