Friday, July 6, 2012

Loving and Being Hurt at the End

Many of us know how to love and being hurt at the end, but even you are being hurt from the past you always come back to say I am here and I am not quitting. But it is not as simple as you think. It may hurt you more when you go back to your past but sometimes it can help you to forget more from your past.

All of us doesn't know what will happen when you become failed in the circle of love, sometime you are lucky, but sometimes you are not lucky too. It is a simple thought, when you love someone you will be hurt and it is true, all of us are in-love but always being hurt at the end.

But why we always love? Because it is a part of our lifestyle and being human who want a partner in life. As I observe, many of us wish for the right person that we want to be partner in life forever, it is possible and sometimes the characteristic of a person we wanted to be partner in life are the opposite of what we are expecting for.

Like what I watched from a movie or even in real life it is always that what we want or wish in life is the opposite of what may happen. But if you are not looking for the right love, it will naturally come to you, just wait for the right time and destiny will give you what you want to be.

In circle of love we have two major rules, it is when you loved a person but you are unlucky because you will be hurt at the end. But it is not always like that, sometimes you will find a good partner who loves you more than you gave.

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