Friday, July 6, 2012

A Dream of a Dreamer

A dream of a dreamer always be a dream but sometimes it  became real, but not at all the times it happened. A dream is a part of a our vision and wants in life, it is more than what we thinking that it will happen for us in the future whether good or bad.

Sometimes our dreams gave us hope and fulfillment in life and that's what we always pray for.

In our present life, lots of us always dream and wishing that someday I can achieve my goals in life, someday I will become like that or someday I can go in the place no one can ever gone. It is only a dream of a person who have the faith  that it will come true in the future.

But not all dreams are always good when you are sleeping. Sometimes it will become a nightmare, a nightmare that doesn't want in your life. So better pray hard to God that all your dreams will come true and all your plans in life will push true. No matter what, God will always be good for us.

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