Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Independence Day to Celebrate for Filipinos

Today, June 12, the Fiilipinos around the world is celebrating the Philippine independence day. This special holiday is very important to us, this is to remind us the history before. This day is to reminisce all history of the past. But independence day is not only to remember all this things in the past. But this is also a good opportunity for us to have a vacation us, to relax and to enjoy a 1 days for ourselves together with our family and friends.

A day of celebration of independence day is also a day for joy and celebration that we are now free. Some of us already prepared for their vacation and others are just in their house with their  families and relatives. Although this holiday happens every year. Everyone still thinking on how we celebrate the Independence Day on a much enjoyable day.

The Philippine Independence day was proclaimed by General Emilio Aguinaldo in Kawit Cavite, according to the Philippine history and references. It was declared during the Spanish colonial as centuries past. This is where our independence day happens.Many generation has passed to change how we celebrate this kind special day in the Philippines.

We always says that this is the Independence day. A day to relax , a vacation to enjoy. Some of us right now are already in their vacation and family outing with  families and relatives, swimming in the resort with friends. And this only shows our way of celebrating  the Independence now. If the past have experienced lot of trouble to gain our freedom, we should realize now that we are already free and we must enjoy this privielege that we are free.

So why not enjoy this momentous day with friends, family, co-workers and classmates. Now we celebrate the Independence day with joy  and happiness, Happy Independence Day to the Philippines.

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