Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miami Aiming for the NBA Playoffs 2012 Finals Game 1 Win

One days to go for the Big event in NBA Playoffs. The NBA finals is between two powerhouse team of Oklahoma City Thunders and Miami heat. This is it! This is the game where we can see who is best among them. and who will become the MVP of this NBA Playoffs 2012.

Apparently, both teams are ready to play on the much awaited scheduled date for the Game 1 of 7 of the final conference. This is what we call "best of seven(7)", each team have to take a lead every match and it is important to grab the first win in seven game to have an edge leading to the finals. We all know that  both teams are in their conference and they are ready to show what they have got for the entire league.

But this is different from the previous game because this is the finals where they need to prove who is the best and who will become champion of this series.

Meanwhile, if the Miami heat have Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh for their team. On the other hands, Oklahoma City Thunders also have a three-tag players for their team, Kevin Durant, Russell West brook, and James Harden.

The game 1 may have the excitement and unpredictable game, and each team have a new style and strategy in this coming  game 1 of the final on Tuesday U.S time and Wednesday for the Philippine Time. All of us are fans of both team.  Whose infavor with Miami? and whose with Oklahoma?

We shall wait for this game. Please standby here for updates as well as for the result of the game.

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