Saturday, June 9, 2012

Manny Pacquiao Will Still Win the Fight Against Timothy Bradley

We are all excited for the much awaited boxing match between Manny "The pacman" Pacquiao  and his opponent Timothy Bradley. A count down for weigh in began. Both Boxer are ready, it is quite like heaven and earth fight that night at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, who will win and who will bring the title?

This is it! As I have said about this coming fight in boxing history, all funs and critics are talking about the two great boxer in the world. Who will going to take the pride? Will pacquiao stay on the top or Bradley will take the chance to defeat the Peoples' Champ?

Apparently, the result of the fight is all at question, the answer is in the fight. Even in the voting system  its obviously Pacquiao was predicted to win, but its not about the vote. Its all about giving their best in the fight to show who will remain standing and who will gonna fall in the middle of the ring.

Many of us are saying that Pacquiao will win the fight, some are saying that its Bradley's time to win? Its all depend on their strategy, strength, speed, and especially with their historical punches. Its to early to judge who with this two fighter of whom will rise, in history of boxing but sometimes the challenger won the fight. 

It is a cycle in boxing career, your always on the top of your fame and you will always aim as much as you can in order to win the fight. But when you lose a fight peoples and critics talk about it. Then  they will talk about a possible rematch.

But all Filipinos want for a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight right? We are waiting and hoping that this will push through. If this fight will push we will see and testify who must be proclaimed as the Pound for Pound king in boxing history.

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