Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Present Become a Past

A present become the past, this is what we call the cycle of being yourself, it maybe cause of everything you wanted to have in your life and owned it as you wanted to be, and if you want anything in your side to fulfill it is all in your hands and decision that you made for yourself.

A hard path to take and to fulfill everything but in the end of your sacrifice you will gained a lot, but sometimes you will just wait for it, and that is not become your choice but it is choice of God for your path, like a silence in the dark room that you are alone and no one can hear your voice to say HELP! But the only thing you can do is to think how you can survive in the dark.

That is life! A life that is full of encouragement and surprises, like a river that always running so deeply, a man who are not thinking what will happen in the next cannot fulfill his path, but wasting time. But if a man who wanted a special thing in his/her life. It will make a move to become successful and to fulfill it from time to time.

But then you must take some sacrifice and voice to others that you can catch and survive for you to help yourself sometimes. It is one of the time that you need a help to be successful in life that you wanted to be in the future. A life that you have all you wanted to you.

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