Saturday, June 23, 2012

Miami Heats wins the NBA title Against Oklahoma Thunders

Miami Heats was proclaimed as the NBA champion for this year, after they defeated the team of Oklahoma City Thunders during the Game 5 of the NBA Final 2012 last Thursday.

The three players of Miami Heats made the 2nd year victory in NBA championship which they made a glorious and huge voices from their fans. Many of us are happy with the victory of Miami Heats against the team of Oklahoma Cuty Thunders with ending score of 106 - 121.

It is the last run for the final with the Oklahoma and made the Miami become the NBA champion of this year. It would be hard for the Oklahoma City Thunders, but it is part of the game that there is a loser and there is a winner.

Apparently the Miami Heats is celebrating their victory now. More of us are thinking what if the Oklahoma win?  It is possible to happen but not right now because the Miami Heat wins and proclaimed as the NBA champion.

Meanwhile, Lebron James is still the MVP of the league. Who will be the next champion for the next session and conference? It is  unpredictable but remember that this is not all about strength, agility and ability, but it is all about strategy of the coach and players of any team, this is what we called the cooperation of the team.

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  1. OKC is my West Team and Miami is my East team and all time favorite team - I'm a Lebronista! I won't mind if OKC won the championship, but I'm happiest when Miami Heat got it & James is MVP.

    THANKS for putting my blog in your roll & for the GFC follow. I'll link you back and will follow you here too. Sorry for the delay, just got busy. Please check and let me know if you didn't see your blog.

    THANKS again and see yah around!