Thursday, June 21, 2012

Banker, A Nice Career to Pursue

This is my profession I am a certified banker. And I am almost 7 years in the industry. I graduated in college with a business degree and maybe its my destiny to become a banker.

Apparently, as an executive of a bank, I was exposed and familiarize with the wide range of product of a universal bank. I have gained different knowledge in handling customer services and complaints as well. I was able to attain my goal of giving the best services to our valued customer.

As I go beyond my career,  my position also get into higher step as years gone by. It’s a continues process and yet, I was able to gain the needed strength to become dedicated to work and to pursue my chosen career now.

Being a banker is not that easy at all. You need to be patient enough to handle customer services and inquiries. Being a banker is yet a nice career at all aside from the literal fact that you are expose to money, but still you were able to learn how to compute and handle budget which you can apply in your daily life.

Learning will start from ourselves and being a banker is not that easy at all, through experience, you will be able to achieve in life, like a typical banker.

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