Thursday, July 12, 2012

Looking Back from the Past

Many things happened from our past, some were unforgettable, some need to be done, and some taught us lessons in life. From our past also, we experience tears and laughter and yet looking forward to experience a joy in life that we wanted to be. A life that is full of happiness and contentment. A dreamed life that we want to achieve and a life that will motivate us to go forward and nurture our strength and luck..

But in that past, we need to learn something in order for us to move forward. This is the best way also for us to become a better person. And despite of what happened from the past, we must not be hopeless enough to achieve our dream and worth for our future.

A past experience sometimes is the best teacher for us to learn lesson. This doesn't mean a failure that we have done in our life but this will teach us what is right and what is wrong. A past experience may also be our guide to go back for any wrong doing from our past. This is also the best time to weigh things and think for what we can do best ahead of time.

Sometimes a past experience will also help us realize to go back if we will only put in our mind that those past experience made us stronger and help us to pursue our dreams in life. And yet a past experience will also help us to give more importance to those people around us who helped us during our down side.

It is a great challenge for us to do much better. We do not need to surrender from any trials that may come since every problem has its own solution.

We must always remember to look back, because looking back might teach us to more lessons. Looking back might also help us realize our mistakes at present. Where did I go wrong? Where will I go on? Well its not wrong to look back, it will not take our pride to remember those things or people from the past. Sometimes, looking back and remembering past experience might be our savior in the future. Come to think of it?

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