Saturday, June 23, 2012

Being a Writer is a Passion

Being an author or a writer is hard job to do. Otherwise it is fun to do it, because once you are an author or a writer, your ability and skills will be broaden not only in writing. It is more about writing, it can help you to prove to yourself more than to your past.

Writing maybe so easy as you think but at the end of your patience in writing you will see what is changing in yourself, especially in you grammar, it help you in many ways.

Like when your in an interview for a job like in a call center it can correct all your grammar and at the same time you can expect that your learning on writing. Writing is the best solution to express what is on your mind. The ability of writing is fun, but in other people who does not have patience cannot do it.

If you are writing a news, essay, or even a documentary articles and you don't have the patience to make it as you can, it will show that you are easy to surrender in any challenge that come to you. Like in a real life if you surrender, it is showing that you are a weak person who does not have the strength to do something that can make yourself proud, that's why writing is a secondary mirror of people, because it can show who you are and what will you become in the future.

If you have patience you will gain a gift that you never expect, a gift that can make you happy and make you proud, this is a practice of anyone of us to learn more about what we want to become us in the future, and what can we do more to our own ability.

From time to time and from past to present generation, writing is always there to teach us and show what is going on without knowing it. But when you notice, in writing we would be accelerated from within, a practice that can make us fulfill our needs and wants in life, it can cause a time to spend but not all your time. Apparently it is part of how we learn in any ways to solve any problem, to write what will happen, to express what is all about us, and to gain more skills in writing, editing, composing a song to sang or even making a notes of our daily activities.

It's all part of writing, no person can say that I can't write I can't read, but why do people writing ? Because writing is also like getting everything you want in life especially when a person want to fulfill his/her future someday. Try to write something about yourself and think about yourself, you will find the result when done it writing because when your done in writing, read it and you will find who you really are.


  1. I agree... writing is a passion.. writing is one of the people's way to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings to others....

  2. if writing is a passion, then it must not be considered as a difficult "job". rather, it must be considered as a part of your lifestyle that you cannot live without.