Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ilocos: A Real Journey of Life

One of the nicest and beautiful places in the Philippines was the Ilocos Province (both Sur and Norte)  which was located in the northern part of the country. It has beautiful beaches and resorts , hidden  falls that never been seen by everyone except  for those who lived there. Ilocos has the  historical places , a view  like a supernova in beauty,  and a fantastic  nature creation .

Let’s  start with their food  with a  lovely taste like “MIKKI and EMPANADA”  that  must  be experienced  in touring  on the northern part of the Philippines.  Now lets go to Vigan City, one of the historical places in Ilocos region . The place was rich of fascinated old houses by century, made by old materials during the Spanish  time. This historical place reminisce all those past that has been done by the  World War II.

Then let’s go to Ilocos Norte  with same  language known as Ilocano.  In Ilocos Norte , the Batac is there  trailing to  Paoay.   Paoay have also historical places  and landmark like the Paoay church. Lots of tourists go there  to see one of  the oldest  churches in Philippine. Secondly is the  Paoay lake,  it is also a landmark and  view spot. This landmark is a historical place too. As I’ve heard this lake is  also called as “Baryo” in history.

The Third is the Sand dance , this landmark  is a tourist spot too, it is like a desert  where you can experience a sand boarding  and  site seeing facing the south china sea.  It is also known as “ a desert with a sea”.

Now let’s go to Curimao  it is also a part of the Ilocos province.  In Curimao, you can see this place  were the seashell  and other natures creation can be found in the town.  Then directing to Laoag. A city after a long  run from  Ilocos Sur to Ilocos Norte. Why not  have a  simple prayer  in the church of Laoag city before continuing the tour?

Lets continue our journey in Ilocos Region directing to Burgos , also a part of Ilocos  Norte.  Burgos has also a landmark which includes a light house . An old light house where you can see the surrounding of South China sea. This landmark is in the top of a hill where a car can go there.

Now  lets approach  to Bangui, a next town to Burgos, Bangui, is my hometown. It  has  a rail  of windmill a power resource that made by  the son of the Former President Marcos. This landmark   is  also a tourist spot for  local and international. A gigantic  windmills  which stand  across the sea shore of the sea. After windmill , you can take  a ride to the town of Pagudpud, there were six  landmarks  that you must see during your tour. First the Saud beach resort  near  town of Pagudpud, second  is Caparispisan  a hidden  treasure  with corals formations third  is the Kabigan falls, fourth is the Maira ira or blue lagoon so called as the HANNAH beach resort. Then  fifth is the Patapat road connected to sixth  landmark  known as the Agua Grande power resource using a  water resource  for electricity supply of the whole Ilocos region.

These are all the tourist spots that must be visited when someone wants to  tour in that place…really a place to be!


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  2. such a beautiful place, makes me catch the last bus going to Ilocos